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  • Mom Hacks: Creating a Family Job Chart that Works
  • Maria Eckersley
  • choresfamilyFamily FunhomeKSL Studio 5mom hacksOrganization

Mom Hacks: Creating a Family Job Chart that Works

Mom Hacks: Creating a Family Job Chart that Works

Nothing can save your summer like a well-planned job chart. My latest segment on KSL's Studio 5 was focused on helping you simplify chores and make kids more accountable. Click the link below to watch the segment.

The basic components of this system are really simple. You really just need a framed piece of sheet metal (I bought mine at Home Depot), some magnetic tape (I found mine at Walmart), and the printable kit in my shop.

MeckMom magnetic job chart

My goal is to make this chart as accessible as possible to my little kids so I try to stick with what works - one big chart with bold colors, easy-to-read fonts and pictures. On our chart, the kids pictures go across the top and their weekly jobs are listed in a color block below. On Monday, I rotate the magnetic pictures so they can easily see their new job list.

MeckMom Magnetic Job Chart with Pictures

Jobs at our house consist of six areas:

Daily Jobs: These are light clean-ups that take 10-20 min. Generally I have them do these as they get home from school or around 4pm in the summer.

Kitchen Jobs: Feeding 8 people is quite a production. These jobs help me share the workload during meal times.

Saturday Jobs: Saturday is our big clean-up. In addition to their daily jobs, their room, and their laundry, they also do one big 30 min job.

Fun Jobs: These jobs are designed to help us stop fights and help the kids have more fun around the house.

Pets: We have a dog and a cat so these jobs help manage the mess that comes with furry family members.

FHE: On Monday night we try to have a family night. We have a short gospel lesson, a song, a game and a treat. These jobs help us divide up the work.

meckmom job chart chore chart close up

To help kids get the work done, I also have an inspector. Their daily job is to check in on all the chores and make sure things got done. They keep track of the progress on these simple inspector sheets (included in the kit) and we use those to help us calculate allowance on Sunday night.

MeckMom Job Chart Inspector Sheet

My kids are always asking for cash so in addition to all their responsibilities, I also keep money jobs on the chart. These are generally more involved jobs (like weeding the flower beds or cleaning out the fridge). I use these little printable money job sheets to layout the task and show the payout. Some payouts are in cash, others are in gift cards or dollar store prizes, and some are just special privileges like 'Mom puts away my laundry all week'.

meckmom job chart money job printable

I've used this basic system for almost 4 years now and it has been an absolute game changer. My kids are so much better at knowing and completing their responsibilities now. There are no negotiations or bribes - they just know the job chart is the law. :) I still have to remind them now and then but, for the most part, they know what is expected of them and get it over with quickly. 

If you're looking to implement something similar in your house, you might want to hop over to my shop and grab the Job Chart Printable Kit. It comes with editable PDF files so you can plug in your own jobs and kid names. I've created a home printable kit and a larger 16x20 version that can be sent to Costco or Sam's Club. 

Find the full kit by clicking this link to the MeckMom Shop

Good luck out there. I hope this chart saves you some much needed sanity this summer!

  • Maria Eckersley
  • choresfamilyFamily FunhomeKSL Studio 5mom hacksOrganization

Comments on this post (4)

  • Sep 12, 2017

    What do you do for allowance? I love the idea for paying for other jobs, but I wanted to know what you did for the job chart.

    — Shanna

  • Jun 11, 2017

    I’m so sorry to hear about your editing frustrations. Are you trying to use the EDITABLE version of file? There should be several versions available in the download. You want to make sure you’re opening the editable version in the latest version of the free Adobe Reader program. If you’re still having trouble, please feel free to email me at and I’ll walk you through some more troubleshooting options. Thanks!

    — MeckMom

  • Jun 04, 2017

    i’m having the same problem editing it as the lady above. it makes the squares all weird and won’t print correctly.

    — jacquelyn bateman

  • May 27, 2017

    I love this chart and I am looking forward to using it for my family but I am having a hard time editing it. The document only has the cute colored squares and I have to format the writing to each box, including the vertical ones. Is that correct?

    — Natalie Larsen

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