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How to play the game Liar's Dice

How to play the game Liar's Dice

We've used this game to pass the time at girls camp, family reunions and FHE for years. The rules are simple and the supplies are cheap so it's a great fit for our St. Patrick's Party


  • 5 dice for each player


  • To be the last player with dice


  • 1's are wild
  • Once dice are rolled, they cannot be moved and must stay covered with your hands


Liar's dice is a bidding game. When placing a bid, you are trying to guess how many dice of a particular number are on the whole table (not just the dice in your hand). 

To begin each round, all players roll their dice simultaneously. Each player looks at their own dice after they roll, keeping them hidden from the other players. The first player then states a bid consisting of a face number ("1's", "5's", etc.) and a quantity. The quantity represents the player's guess as to how many of each face have been rolled by all the players at the table, including themselves. For example, a player might bid "five 2's", meaning they think there are five 2's in total on the table.

Each subsequent player can do three things:  they can make a higher bid of the same face number (e.g., "six 2's"), make a bid of a higher face number (e.g. "four 3's), or they can challenge the previous bid. 

If the player challenges the previous bid, all players reveal their dice. If the bid is matched or exceeded, the bidder wins. Otherwise the challenger wins. If the bidder loses, they remove one of their dice from the game by placing it in the center. The loser of the previous round begins the next round.

(In the event that the game comes down to two players with only a single dice each, bids are then made on the sum of both dice instead the quantity of faces rolled.) The last remaining player with dice is the winner.

The Fun Part: 

This game is really easy to scale up...we often play it with 15+ people at one long table.

To find the full party instructions, invitations and decorations in my shop, click here.

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