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  • Printable Games featured on KSL Studio 5!
  • Maria Eckersley
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Printable Games featured on KSL Studio 5!

Printable Games featured on KSL Studio 5!
I'm a game lover! I grew up in a family of 10 kids and we played games constantly. It was kind of our thing. :) When I set out to create a game area of my site, I wanted to offer something you couldn't find anywhere else. Most games are designed for 4-6 players. I wanted to create games for a big group like a class party, a family reunion, church group, or a family night. I also know that ink is expensive so I created lots of printing options in my games. Nearly all of them can be printed at jumbo size at a photo lab (like Costco) or on a home printer.

I love games that involve action, and luck...and get kids excited to DO something such as get their chores done, answer questions in my church class, or find hidden presents at a birthday party. Each of my action games includes a 'write-in' activity sheet. This is the spot where you jot down what you want the kids to do for each item.

For example, I might write a chore on each number spot. Then I would scatter the number circles on the ground and have my kids toss a bean bag. When they hit one, we check the activity sheet and they do the coordinating chore. This saves me from re-printing the number spots every time we play. I just re-print the activity sheet.
This is a great one for all kinds of activities. It involves target shooting which every kid loves. You can use rubber bands, nerf guns, marshmallows, anything soft. To make the targets moveable, I just add a stack of magnets to the spots and then a small piece of magnetic tape to the back of the target.

MeckMom Duck Hunt Game
This is a classic! What kid doesn't love to fish? To create the pole I use a dowel or pencil, a string, and a simple magnet. Then I add paper clips to the floor spots so they're easy to 'catch'. If you're in a hurry, the floor poster works great too. Just tie a bean bag to the string and have the kids toss it to at the poster.

MeckMom Fishing Game on the Floor
This one is designed to encourage kids to do a certain action (like jump, sing, or dance). As they do that action, a helper pulls the 'noodle' through the back. Scattered along the noodle are numbered meatballs. When a meatball hits the mouth, we check the activity sheet and the kids earn the coordinating prize.

Singing Time Game Spaghetti Freddy
This one has tons of different uses. It includes a poster, an activity sheet, printable spots, a die, and a pinwheel selector (a printable alternative to a game spinner). One of my kids favorites is playing six corners. I place spots around the room/yard and have them dance in the center. When the music stops, they have to run over and stand near a spot. Then I roll the die or use the pinwheel to determine which spot gets the 'fun' punishment (shooting them with silly string or squirting them with a water blaster).

MeckMom Pick a Number Game
This is a simple, chutes and ladders style board game that can be adapted to almost any setting. It comes with a poster and a coordinating die. It's always popular at our house. We've played it at family night, when friends come over, and in church classes. In a big group, like a class party, I divide the group into two teams and have them compete. It's a great tool to help with memorization. We used it to help study the lyrics of a song. For each square, they had to say one more word of the verse. By the end of the game, both teams knew the whole song.

MeckMom Game Pirates Lair
I love helping big groups get to know each other. This game is designed to stimulate conversation. To play, each person draws three cards from the deck. They answer one question themselves, discard one, and ask one of another player in the group. I've created sets for lots of different occasions. There is a set catered to a women on a girls night, a pre-teen pajama party, a family reunion, and much more.

MeckMom Chatterbox Womens Edition
  • Maria Eckersley
  • familyFamily FungameshomeKSL Studio 5primaryyouth

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